1. anon(8106053)'s Avatar
    Galaxy S4/Sprint.

    Today was the first time I've actually tried youtube on this phone. It worked OK on the Droid Charge.

    When it starts, I get "this action isn't allowed". Just by starting the app. I get the same thing when I try to log-in.

    When I try to play a video, I get "unfortunately, youtube has stopped" and the app shuts off.

    I tried uninstalling the last update (5.something) and currently Version 4.4.11 is on there.

    No way to completely uninstall the thing at this point (I haven't rooted yet). I have also cleared the cache & forced it to stop. Same thing every time.

    I've done a lot of searching & mostly found suggestions to clear the cache & uninstall/reinstall. Any new ideas?
    10-20-2013 05:48 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Clearing cache usually works best for most things... but you might try clearing data, then reboot, then install the updated version again, then try it. The latest version works just fine on my S4, but I don't have Sprint.
    10-20-2013 06:41 PM
  3. anon(8106053)'s Avatar
    I've done those things, including downloading the .apk from the PC to the phone for the update/install.

    Same results. I sure hope it isn't Sprint specifically, not that I do a lot of youtubing on the phone, but carrier specific issues would be BS.
    10-20-2013 08:11 PM
  4. fatboy97's Avatar
    Not sure if there are any major differences between Sprint and Verizon... but when I long press my home button I get choose Task manager, and under that I can go the RAM tab and Clear memory... not sure if you have tried that or if it would help. More than likely if you call Sprint's service reps they will ask you to do a Factory Reset.
    10-20-2013 08:28 PM
  5. anon(8106053)'s Avatar
    I literally clear the RAM every time I do anything with the phone. I'm just that way.

    I did a factory reset a little while back to try and fix the log-in error issue with the stock email app accessing my Yahoo account. That didn't help & I ended up getting the Yahoo app.
    10-20-2013 08:42 PM
  6. HPferoxCraft's Avatar
    I have sprint and have no issue with YouTube. Is it just the app, can you access YouTube fine through a browser?

    Posted via Android Central App
    10-20-2013 08:55 PM
  7. anon(8106053)'s Avatar
    I'm assuming you mean a browser on the phone.

    If so, yes, it runs fine from there.
    10-20-2013 10:12 PM
  8. HPferoxCraft's Avatar
    Yeah that's what I meant.
    If it was me I'd do the following...
    Force close in app manager, clear cache and data for the app, uninstall. Power off, boot into your recovery and wipe (only) cache and dalvik cache, reboot. Reinstall the app. All in that order.
    I know you said you tried some that.
    Other than that I don't know, there's a content localization setting in YouTube general settings that could help if it's not playing because it's loading content from a different country that won't play.
    Just throwing ideas out there.

    Posted via Android Central App
    10-20-2013 10:54 PM
  9. coinmanmat's Avatar
    Yeah the YouTube app does suck. Sometimes it will take like 2 minutes to load or sometimes it wont load at all and just force close. Sometimes I cant view all of the videos from my subscriptions or not at all. Ive tried the app on all 3 of my android phones and have the same issues. Its something Google needs to seriously address.

    Posted via Android Central App
    10-21-2013 09:04 AM

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