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    My ATT Galaxy S4 screen went dark a couple of months ago. I had not turned the phone on in some time. Two days ago, I turned the phone on and was able to see the screen barely, under the right light.

    I was able to get the screen to a very workable condition by:
    1. In Display setting:
    a. In Screen Mode select Dynamic
    b. In Brightness menu:
    1. Turn automatic brightness off
    2. Turn brightness slider to up to brightest level
    (the slider bar itself has an issue: turning to highest level actually causes screen to darken , at about 75%, the screen is brightest)
    c. Uncheck "Auto Adjust Screen Tone"

    2. Install "Filter Your Screen" app from Playstore
    a. Create filter with all 4 elements (Alpha, Red, Green, Blue) set to highest settings

    This setup seems to work well. The screen looks pretty good, but one exception is the camera. It takes good photos but the viewfinder screen is pretty dark.

    Any ideas how to fix this will be appreciated.
    10-24-2013 09:09 AM

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