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    My S4 (parallel imported) has these wierd, ugly non standard icons (e.g. the messaging icon, camera icon, contacts, phone, video, music and downloads icons all look different to how theyr supposed to). I cant figure out why although I suspect it might be due to the bloatware that the phone came with. I have deleted alot of the bloatware already though - it had all these stupid games etc and I have a feeling the phone is from a carrier in argentina.

    Has anyone come across this before that might know how to change them back to the regular android ones? I'll try attatch a screenshot also.


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    10-26-2013 05:00 AM
  2. Rhino_Spec's Avatar
    Heres a link to the screenshot... any help would be much appreciated


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    10-26-2013 05:05 AM
  3. Shanicenicolle's Avatar
    That's really strange. I actually like those better. I unfortunately have no idea how to help

    Sent from my *PURPLE* Galaxy S4
    10-26-2013 11:28 AM

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