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    So my SGS4 went for a quick dip, and now its acting very strange and i cant quite figure out what part of it thats effected by the damage.

    Here it is, the phone boots 100% normal, and i can hear it go through the samsung bootup loading screen and when it is fully booted I hear the new notifications, BUT the screen is mostly dead. That means it turns greenish, i made a album because that seemed easier than to explain. Photo Album - Imgur
    Like i said, quick dip, then i removed SIM, SD and battery, put it in rice for 24+ hours.

    Can anyone tell me if this is just the screen that is broken or if the damage reaches any deeper, like mainboard and such.

    Im sorry if anything like this has been posted before, but in that case i couldnt find it
    Thanks in advance for anybody who's willing to take a look
    10-29-2013 05:40 PM
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    Welcome to the forums! :thumbup:

    Sorry to hear what happened.
    Did you place it in rice for about 3 days or just for a day?

    Sent From a Galaxy S4 Away!
    10-29-2013 07:47 PM
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    That's a valid question, I had totally forgot about that one!

    First thing is first in all cases, if a device gets wet you must pull the battery, SIM card, and SD card out (if possible of course).

    The cold air from an air conditioner is very dry, allowing the water to evaporate quickly and will not damage the phone. You should still leave the phone there for about 3 days not just 24 hours, just to be on the safe side.

    Also have in mind that if you drop the phone in salt water you have to rinse it in fresh water before you begin drying it. I know it sounds crazy, but crystals can still form and cause damage and erosion even if the phone is dry already!

    And since we're talking crazy, there's also an alternative way to save a wet phone: Alcohol! Because it attracts water.
    The alcohol method works best with phones that got damaged by salt water or coffee.

    You'll need denatured alcohol, or a 95% alcohol solution, I think regular rubbing alcohol is about 75 %. However, make sure the alcohol you use is denatured with only methanol. The chemicals found in other types can be damaging to your device. I've seen this alcohol at hardware stores.

    Soak up all the water in the phone with alcohol and then dump the liquid, after that only alcohol will remain, don't worry, it will evaporate, just leave it at a dry place for at least a couple of days.

    Sent From a Galaxy S4 Away!

    Sent From a Galaxy S4 Away!
    10-29-2013 07:54 PM

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