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    Please forgive if I've posted in the wrong spot. I've not ever posted in a forum before. On that note, I'm technologically challenged and am learning something every day with my SG4. With this post, I hope to learn even more!

    My question is about the photo sizes. I post regularly to my business page on Facebook directly from my phone and the photos always appear too big in the feed. Scenario #1 is when a photo is sent to me via text and I save it to my Gallery, and then upload it to Facebook. That image is too big cutting off the tops and sides. I would like the image to be 403x403.* Is there an app that I can use to resize the photo before posting it to Facebook? If so, please give me some suggestions as to which one as the one Ive tried is only for Instagram and that is not suitable for this particular scenario.

    Scenario #2 is when I upload a photo taken from my phone to Facebook. Do I need to adjust the size in the camera settings to make the photo 403x403? OR is there an app for this purpose?

    I hope there is an app for this so I dont have to adjust the settings of my phone camera. The 13M is stunning. I dont mind resizing the daily photos I upload to Facebook as long as I can maintain the high resolution detail of the photos overall.

    Another question is regarding MMS group messages. When I reply to the group conversation my message never goes through. If I choose the individual message tab I get texts from people in the group asking me who I am. To be blunt, Im not sure if Im responding to the message correctly in the first place, but if I am, then why isnt it going through?

    If there are any details missing from my question, please let me know. I hope its okay that I asked several questions in one post. If I need guidance on my posting etiquette, please dont hesitate to fill me in.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions.

    Kristina W.

    *I've found a free program to resize the occasional photos from my laptop and 403x403 is the perfect fit!
    10-30-2013 01:11 PM
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    I upload full size/resolution photos to Facebook with no problem. On the Wall and Timeline they look cut off because Facebook only displays part of a large image in those locations, but they show up in full if I go to the Photos section of Facebook. 403X403 pixels would be a very small, low resolution image, so I wouldn't recommend that unless you really want to go that way. I think Facebook compresses uploaded photos in any event (see edit below), so you're probably losing some resolution and quality even with a full size image.

    EDIT: Here's an example from my Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...type=3&theater This is probably a good (or bad) example of Facebook re-sizing an image. This one started life as an 18 megapixel image with a file size of around 25 megabytes, which I cropped a little before uploading; instead of the original 3456X5184 pixel image (cropped a little smaller when edited), on Facebook the final image is only 576X720 pixels with a file size of about 57 kilobytes - that's a lot of reduction in resolution and quality.

    If you still want to re-size the images from your phone, here are three photo editing apps I have installed on my phone; I haven't used them to re-size a photo, but I just checked Pic Say Pro and it has a re-size function; I imagine the others do as well:
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    10-30-2013 01:49 PM
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    Thank you very much for your response! I've downloaded the Photo Editor App while keeping the PicSayPro in mind for later. This is very helpful, especially after I realized I had the wrong size (403x403 is a thumbnail, not for a photo that you see in the newsfeed). So, for my purposes, while there is some degradation in the quality, it will work (as long as I have the correct size ratios!) For other photos with no caption, the upload size has never mattered and my photographs always look great (and the SG4 has not disappointed)!

    The page I have for the cat that started out as a joke for my God Daughter but it's developed a little following, lol! Thanks again - your help steered me in the correct direction.
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    10-30-2013 03:37 PM
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    I'm glad I could help. Photography is my hobby, so I'm always happy to assist with photography and photo editing questions.
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    10-30-2013 05:40 PM
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    If you just want to resize your photos, here's another alternative -


    That's the free version. They also have a paid version that removes the ads for a little over a dollar.


    I haven't used this app as I don't really resize my photos. All the other photo editing apps I use just mainly crop the image, I believe. I've been seeing that for ages whole perusing the top apps for Photography in the Play Store so it might be worth a try.

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    10-31-2013 09:33 PM

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