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    Hi People ,
    I just joined android central ... I bought a Galaxy S4 in the past week ( the GT-i9500 with octa core ) thinking that the phone has simply got everything and which i am still convinved it has ... But since 2-3 days i am having small issues here and there .. I generally let my phone discharge completely before putting it to charge again and i did the same with my S4 . However 2 days back , when I did the same , my S4 got stuck at the Samsung logo ,which kept blinking again and again . I tried the old trick - removing the battery & placing it again and booting it up , which worked . However , yesterday the same thing happened , and no matter how many times i tried the 'old trick ' it simply wouldnt start up .. i went to the Samsung Service center near my place , where the assistants told me to come the next day since they wanted to go home 3 hours early ... After coming home , I stumbled upon Android central and in a forum i read to try the factory reset in Recovery mode.. I did it ..At the end , got some error , but the phone did get started , so it solved my problem .
    I was wondering if it is in any way related to the cover I am using with S4 , It has a magnetic flap to hold the cover in place. I read in some posts , magnet might affect the NFC chip and all ...So to clarify , i went to the service centre again today and told her my issue . She asked me whether i would like to format my phone . I said no , since it would have taken two days for me to get it back ..and anyway the problem was solved . i then asked her whether , covers with magnetic flaps might affect phones in this way , She looked confused , and then told me to use Samsung flip covers only , which i am going to get tomorrow ASAP .
    I came back and started playing with my S4 again . Opened a thread on AC about S4 rooting and while the page was loading in Chrome , my screen decides to become black and starts flickering when i tried to scroll up and down . I closed Chrome and reopened it , and well it seems it isnt happening again . .. However , all of it has gotten me worried a lot . . I didnt like Samsung at all , was more drawn towards HTC and Xperia line , however S4 seemed to give me everything the other 2 cant ... So i went with it ...and I was right , I love it loads .. But then things like this make me worry .
    So , my main question is , what could have caused my Galaxy S4 ( i9500) to get stuck at Samsung logo while booting and the screen to flicker ???
    a) Nova Launcher : I had installed it , and I am planning to do so again . But I wonder if the phone got confused as to how to launch the home screen ..( Uhh..is it even possible ??)..
    b) The cover with the magnetic flap i use on my Phone
    c) Octa - core processor ....
    d) The software updates which Samsung gives .. I installed all that came my way
    Is it worth going to service center ..Those people are exasperating...Or i am just over-thinking this ? Please help ...coz i have to stick with this phone for atleast 3 years
    10-31-2013 01:01 PM
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    It might just be your battery. It's not good for the battery to let it discharge all the way. Try charging at 25 percent or higher - don't let it go all the way down.

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    10-31-2013 01:15 PM
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    Thank you ...yes , I will stop doing that..also I talked to my friend who says her screen flickers out of the blue ..so I am quite calm now
    10-31-2013 02:07 PM
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    Thank you ...yes , I will stop doing that..also I talked to my friend who says her screen flickers out of the blue ..so I am quite calm now
    Yeah, good thing you can always change battery if it dies. Unlike phones with non removable batteries.

    And yes, other than calibration once a while, it's best to charge battery between 30 and 80 percent.

    @T-Mobile GN3
    10-31-2013 03:04 PM
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    It's the battery. What the S-Cover or any cover with a magnetic flap can disrupt is the compass. That happened to me when Samsung's battery went defective on me after just 2 months of usage. Lucky for you that a hard reset solved it. For me, it didn't. I also didn't know how dangerous a hard reset with a defective battery is. If the battery failed in the middle of everything, I might possibly have bricked my phone.

    My tip to you is to read around and know your phone. Know Android. Know about phone hardware and how it works so you don't waste money trying to go after fixes the Samsung Care people say meant to just increase their sales. The S-Cover only from Samsung excuse, for example. I have their S-Cover and I wish I got a S-Cover from Casemate or Spigen instead. I had to recalibrate my compass because it got affected by the magnet in the flap.

    P. S. The fact that the person looked confused should tell you they didn't know what they are talking about. Don't let yourself be led around with ineffective fixes that have nothing to do with your problem in the first place.

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    10-31-2013 10:17 PM
  6. Piudi's Avatar
    I agree..I personally feel the flip cover is too flimsy to protect the phone... snapped the cover on my uncle's s4 .. but regarding the magnet thing... I got the s cover for my peace of mind ... Phone seems to be happy for now..
    P.s : should I get the battery checked ??
    11-01-2013 12:12 PM
  7. STSVA's Avatar
    * * * *
    P.s : should I get the battery checked ??
    There are a fair number of people on the forums reporting battery problems, so it probably wouldn't hurt to have the battery checked. The visual symptom of a bad battery is apparently swelling. You can check it by laying the battery down on a flat surface and giving one corner a quick push - if it spins around very easily it's probably swollen.
    11-01-2013 01:59 PM

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