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    Hi everyone-

    My first post - just purchased an S4 from Sprint a week ago, changed from iPhone 4S.

    Few questions:

    1. Is there some way to get the camera open from the lock screen without punching in the lock code (I have one for work)? (I was able to do that on the iPhone).
    2. Is there some way to quickly silence the unit completely without punching in the lock code? (I ask because I was at a concert and had to silence it, but had to type in the code, which makes a squelching sound as you hit the keys)
    3. Is there some way to change the sound the keys make when you're typing? I like having a sound, but not the squelching sound
    4. Going back to silencing, I noticed that when I pulled down the commands by swiping down from the top of the screen and "muting" some actions still produce sounds. If I put it on mute, I really want it muted for everything except the alarm clock. How to do that?
    5. Any way to capture Camera RAW format images? Any app has direct access to the chip to capture RAW data?
    6. Is there any way to search for installed apps by typing in their names (the way I could on my iPhone)?
    7. Most important. I have two S4s one for me, one for my wife. I want to be able to purchase apps through the play store and have those apps on both phones. But I don't want my gmail to be accessed on my wife's phone (predictable jokes aside, I'm protecting work emails). How can my google account be used for app purchases only? When I add that google account so I can download the purchased apps, it automatically includes it in the gmail app.
    8. Can you recommend a good font set?
    9. I am not getting text messages from some friends who have their phones set to reach me using iMessage, not regular SMS. I don't want to contact two hundred people to ask them to do things differently. Is there anything I can do so that I will get their texts?

    Thanks everyone for your help,

    11-02-2013 09:47 AM
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    I'll try my best to answer what I can-

    Here's a little trick I found for #2, if you have a password set on your phone (pattern, passcode, etc) you will have an "Emergency Call" button on the lock screen.
    To silence, press Emergency Call (the normal dialer will open up) then hold the volume down button until the phone is silenced. Works on my Galaxy S2, 3, and 4.

    For #1, if you don't have a password you can put a camera shortcut on your lock screen, otherwise you must unlock your phone to access the stock camera app.
    Think about it- this prevents people from using your camera without your knowledge.

    For #3, if you get a keyboard such as Kii Keyboard you can change the key press sound in the premium version.
    If you're talking about the water drop from hell selection noise, there's nothing you can do to change it- you can disable it though.
    I miss the old sounds.

    For #6 you can sort the app drawer alphabetically (the easiest way to find apps IMO), otherwise, the Google Search bar on your home screen can search your installed apps (and other content on your phone if you set it to).

    And for #7, I believe if you sign into the Play Store using the same email there is an option to sync apps on all devices (my neighbors have it setup this way, I don't, so I'm not sure how it works exactly but they all have their own gmail accounts). I've never heard of it signing into the gmail app automatically though...

    You didn't ask, but I imagine you're wondering how to so some other things...
    To easily sync music to your phone from iTunes (I found Kies to be terrible at this)
    DoubleTwist is a program that piggybacks off of iTunes and can sync content to your Android device via USB with the click of a button.

    Holding the Settings button (left of the home button) opens Google Now, holding the home button let's you close/switch apps on the fly, and holding the Back button enables/disables Multi-Window.

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    11-02-2013 05:43 PM
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    I'm in a similar (ish) position with the mail services and app purchases but in a different way. I plan to give Android a try and if I like it I may stick with it, and replace both my phones with Android. If I do stick, and over the years, upgrade phones I don't want to be stuck tied to a Gmail account that I might no longer wish to use for mail. So my plan is to create a new separate gmail ID that is used ONLY for app purchases. That will be the one that every phone will be tied to, I will not select to have that account sync with mail or anything. I may then add one or more other gmail accounts which will be used to sync.
    11-04-2013 10:02 PM
  4. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    WRT #7 specifically, we're working on that here, eh?
    11-04-2013 11:08 PM

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