1. Hassan Faizal Thariq's Avatar
    Is it safe to use Iphone Wall plug Charger (2.5A) with Samsung Galaxy S4 which has a stock charger of 2.1 A . Does it affect the phone or the battery.
    11-03-2013 04:23 AM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Yeahp, it's safe. If anything you're phone will charge ever so slightly faster.
    11-03-2013 05:15 AM
  3. Adamsberg's Avatar
    Don't worry about the phone's charging amperage. The phone determines the amperage because it "looks" at its mircoUSB connector's data pins. When the phone detects that the charger has the modifications like a Samsung charger then the phone will charge rapidly with its max allowed amperage. Without detecting the modification, the phone will draw just trickle charging amperage, meaning about double time for charging.

    Your iPhone charger might have this modification or it might have not ... in each case it won't harm your phone
    11-03-2013 05:55 AM

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