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    I took a five minute movie with the standard movie app on the GS4. I think it is a big file. Somewhere I have the phone set to upload to Dropbox when the phone is connected via wifi.

    I am finding that this is really slowing down my home DSL connection. I learned this when I found that I couldn't browse at home and nothing was working right. I called tech support for my ISP and they examined the line and could see that the upload speed was maxing out, and we checked and found that when i turn OFF wifi on my the GS4 the upload speed speed goes down to normal.

    1) I want to make movies with the phone but is there a way to make less big files? A different file format?
    2) is there an app in Android that I can monitor my upload and download speeds?
    3) where can I examine the file size of the 5 minute movie that I made to learn how big it is?
    4) I have not signed up for the 50G of dropbox that is offered with GS4. I guess I better do that, but regardless, I ought to figure out an alternative. Can I just move the video file from the phone to my computer via the mini USB plug and not have the phone do the wifi upload for this file one file..... I do like having it do the wifi upload of pictures to google+ and to dropbox.
    5) what is the best way app to use to convert the large video file to something small that can be viewed at standard online video resolution.

    11-09-2013 10:44 AM

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