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    Okay, first thanks for reading. Second, this may once again be the wrong place but I don't know of anywhere else to go as VZW and samsung have both turned me away.
    So the story goes that when weight lifting, I dropped a large dumbbell on the screen and it shattered, though it did turn on, etc.
    After a few weeks I was able to replace the screen and move all the tiny components to the new digitizer/ screen.
    Everything works,... except that I cannot hear a caller and they cannot hear me. This is very puzzling to me, though after dropping such a weight on it, I'm thankful it works at all.
    Now, my screen works fine. As does my network including texting, surfing etc.
    My mic works too as well as my earpiece ( confirmed by voice typing and an app that allows sound through the earpiece ).
    It follows to reason that if these components work.. why wouldn't I be able to speak to someone?
    I can receive and hear a call and I can place a call, but when it's answered ... dead silence.

    I realize this is a long shot but I'm hoping someone with any knowledge of the s4 motherboard ( or circuitry in general ) will see this, as I don't know a damaged component from
    a normal one by inspection of the board. Either that or do you think I should swap motherboards?

    tl;Dr Can't hear a caller and they can't hear me after repair. Any thoughts?
    11-10-2013 11:19 PM

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