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    I ordered a replacement screen with digitizer and front housing preinstalled for a S4 model SPH-L720 phone and received the correct model screen but the home/touch key flex cable that is pre-installed on the replacement screen is for a Galaxy S4 model GT-I9500. Because the flex cable is from a different model screen/phone it is not long enough to reach where it supposed to connect to. Is there any way to work around this without removing the screen from the housing? I ordered it with the housing already installed to avoid having to remove the screen but I don't see any way to fix the too short cable without doing that. Any advice? Or are my only options to remove the screen or return it to Etradesupply?
    11-12-2013 10:33 AM
  2. Brandon Haskell's Avatar
    11-13-2013 11:52 AM

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