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    I had a Google calendar called "Cinema and Theatre" that had films and theater visits that I booked. This was set up via the internet Google calendar.

    I decided to split these into 2 new calendars on the internet page, one called "Cinema" and one called "Theatre", and completed moving the relevant entries into either of these.

    At this point, having moved everything out of "Cinema and Theatre", I synced these calendars on my Galaxy S4, expecting this to be synced correctly. However, weirdly, one entry is still showing as "Cinema and Theatre" even though it is now clearly in "Theatre" on the internet page. Obviously, this is not a major issue but is worrying if other calendars have not been synced correctly.

    Any ideas why this would happen and how I can get these synced correctly?


    P.S. This has got even more confusing. I deleted this and added into the Theatre calendar, and after syncing, it is not on the Galaxy S4 at all.
    11-13-2013 04:08 PM

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