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    Hi guys,

    So I have had the Verizon galaxy s4 since it came out a few months ago. The signal is normal but sometimes in some areas i find that i get low signal compared to my girlfriend's att gs4. We both live in a very populated city so area shouldn't be an issue. I know this is common in some spots so i dont mind most of the time. The biggest issue I have is the signal i get in the library at school. I guess it's the way the library was built because i'll literally go from 4 bars of 4glte to 1 bar within 5 steps of going into areas of the library. Recently ive had zero bars and i will not receive any text messages or calls at all until i leave which has been pissing me off a lot. If it happened to everyone, i would understand but all my friends are able to get signal and receive message and phone calls on their phones. Some of them have verizon which made me think that it was the phone. Any suggestions?
    11-14-2013 04:18 AM

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