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    I tried out the free version of iSyncr that seems to work OK but to transfer the full library and sync will need the full version which MIGHT be worth it, just to keep the iTunes (which I need for other devices) and the S4 in sync. I would prefer a USB transfer though, quicker than wifi and I suppose if I go that route, Android File Transfer would be OK, except of course it's a transfer and not something that keeps in sync.

    So, I tried out WinAmp. Looked good at first but a complete disaster really (using a Mac running 10.9). Got both the device and desktops versions of Winamp on OK and even got to starting a sync. Then the problems started. Stuck after about 50 songs and would not continue. Had to force quit the desktop. Tried countless times to re-start the sync. No joy. So, I tried the USB sync via winamp. Waste of time too. I have auto-detect on USB checked but when I plug in the device doesn't even show up!! Fat lot of use that turned out to be. So Winamp seems to have failed the 'pain in the a*s' test.

    Looks like I might stick to isyncr and use the stock player, see no reason to keep Winamp really.

    Anybody had similar problems and / or come up with more effective solutions?

    I presume, do avoid duplicates and problems I'd just have to go into MyFiles and delete all the stuff that isyncr has put under its isyncr folder and all the files that WinAmp has put in Music? With Isyncr I'm assuming you can select the Music folder as default install rather than iSyncr folder (which doesn't seem / sound that intuitive to finding and managing music).
    11-17-2013 12:23 AM

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