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    Having tried WinAmp wifi sync (partially successful) and USB sync (epic fail!!) with my Macbook and S4 to get iTunes music over (I use iTunes for other things so don't really want to go for Android File Transfer and drag/drop) I have decided to go for full version of iSyncr and USB transfer.

    Just before I plunge in, is there any reason that anyone knows of as to why iSyncr chooses its own folder as the default install location on the phone instead of 'Music'? Music would seem to be the more intuitive. I did look at changing it as I'd rather have my music in a music folder (oddly) than having it in some nondescript folder. When I went to change it there was a warning the doing so would possible lead to duplicates and whatever. If this is the first transfer, why would that be? Despite setting Music as the folder for the first (and all subsequent installs) will it still scatter stuff all over???
    11-17-2013 12:55 AM

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