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    Having just got an S4 I'm coming to grips with a lot of things it does different to IOS. One thing I find a bit lacking is Google's own contacts. My main problem is my contact list has a lot of companies with an individual's name tagged to it. Problem is, Google only lists by name unless that field is blank. It's more important for me to browse contacts by company names at times, given some companies have different divisions. The individual names of people change from time to time but it's nice to have them.

    Trouble is the way Google works of course affects the S4 contacts App if you use Google which I LIKE to do in order to sync with other devices. This company issue is a real mess though, quite surprising really, the Contacts on Google doesn't seem to have changed much since I last used it with a winmo phone 4-5 years ago, I left it then because frankly, it was a bit of a disaster IMHO.

    Are there any apps out there that do the job better, preferably one that doesn't come with a bazillion hard to navigate options that tries to start pulling in contact info from everywhere you might have the data (e.g. social apps, emails and whatever)?
    11-17-2013 11:26 PM

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