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    I'm using the S4 with Lightflow and I have 3 separate email accounts configured. Within the mail accounts settings page there is the option to set notifications and sounds and such like. I have enabled these and set different sounds per account.

    In LF only the two gmail accounts show up plus one general tab for the mail app. These I have turned off.

    Despite this, the main account always gets the default notification sound when an incoming mail arrives, not the one set in the ap (beep once)? Any ideas?
    11-18-2013 02:13 AM
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    Hmmm. Finally getting to the bottom of this.

    I use the Samsung Mail app as I use accounts other than Gmail. Now, for the NON Gmail accounts on the app, the sounds are working fine. As I set them within the Accounts / Email / Common Settings tab.

    The problem was with the Gmail account. Try as I might, regardless of what I set it to in the Samsung app I only got the default sound. It then dawned on me that the notification icon in Notifications when a mail was received to that account was the Gmail app icon. So I dug around in there and found that the Gmail app was et to notifications and 'Sytem default'. So I tried disabling the Gmail notifications then going back to the Samsung app and setting the sounds I wanted. This time, no sound at all.

    It SEEMS that with Gmail, you need to set the notification in the Gmail app, and the sound, and that the settings tab on the phone under Accounts / Email / Settings either doesn't affect it at all, or only works if the required configuration is ALSO set in Gmail app.

    As I don't use the Gmail app at all, I'm wondering if disabling the app altogether in Apps Manager will relinquish full control to the Samsung Ap.

    Yet to try. Enough for today. Wasted enough time on this
    11-18-2013 03:42 AM

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