1. MissTeli's Avatar
    Hey everyone. It's my first post over here and i am not from country but hope you'll understand me.
    Thing is:
    Couple of months ago ( at the beginning when s4 was out) I bought it and everything was just perfect till last update of android. I was trying to do it but it failed. I had a connection with wi-fi but nothing works as it should. From that time i have a lot of problems with phone. It's frozen almost all the time I am not able to wrote a singe message quicker than in 2 hours from the moment i start, also i have a lot of the informations about Google play. Is not working and i have those communicates 15 times in the day. Next problem is " system failure".
    Well i was trying to restart it, take off battery even used other one which i have just in case. I also deleted all of the cache and not used programs which i downloaded by my own. ( all the system thing is not even touched ). When i get to the google play it shows me an update. Again fail.At the end of this day i was trying to find a reason of this problems in settings. everything was just fine, all updates are ok. all the processes on the phone are on minimum so it's just irrational for me.
    Well, this post is a last chance before i will make a last restart on the wall. (Yes my mind is completely devastated cause of this, and yes i can do it )
    11-18-2013 01:27 PM
  2. y2whisper's Avatar
    Try plugging it into your computer. does it show up? can you add files to the sd card or device?

    A factory reset will likely be needed. If you can't add files to your device then there is a problem where you will need to reflash the rom on to it. The store where you got it from might be able to help you otherwise, there are ways for you to do it yourself.
    11-18-2013 02:55 PM

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