1. metonic's Avatar
    When I first got my phone I synced my contacts with facebook, and used their profile pics as contact pictures. Everything was fine for a week, then (growing tired of constantly changing pictures) I saved pictures to the phone and set them as contact pictures. 2 weeks later all texting/messaging apps show no contact pictures except one or two people.

    I've googled this and solutions online say try a different sms app, I have its exactly the same for them all. They also say it's a Facebook sync problem, but if the pictures are on the phone that makes no sense. The only other solution I seen was that you have to save the contacts to the sim card, but the sim card option seems to be missing when exporting or even creating new contacts...
    11-19-2013 09:28 AM
  2. Shane Heartz's Avatar
    I have two galaxy s4's one with your problem and one without the problem. I found that strange. The solution after some research was to open the Facebook app hit the 'Menu' button on the s4 (located at the lower left corner), choose settings. The settings list for the app should show a sync choice about half way down the list. Try that, it worked for me. Good luck.
    07-11-2014 06:39 AM

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