1. Edible Walrus's Avatar
    Help me please! Software update is saying my device has been modified! I haven't modified anything! Why does it say this!?

    EDIT: I unmounted my SD Card (SanDisk Ultra 64GB and rebooted) and everything is back to saying official. So is this just a software bug? I want to get 4.4 so it better be!
    11-20-2013 05:49 PM
  2. Chief G-Hawk's Avatar
    Probably won't be 4.4 kitkat. It will likely be 4.3
    11-20-2013 06:44 PM
  3. Edible Walrus's Avatar
    I currently have 4.3. I meant I want to get 4.4 when it drops. Was watching a 4.4 video when I decided to check

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-21-2013 01:47 AM

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