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    Hello. My Galaxy S4 was stolen 3 days ago (Monday, November 18, 2013)

    May I ask if it is possible to retrieve it by any means?

    I've tried android device manager and findmymobile by samsung so far, and nothing has worked.

    Will it be able to be found even if my SIM card was removed?

    11-20-2013 09:53 PM
  2. ladyhaly's Avatar
    Did you install any antitheft software with it? If it can't be found, I hope you've kept the box with the IMEI number and receipt. File a police report first and then contact the National Telecommunications Commission to have it blocked. I suggest you file the police report as soon as possible though as these things take quite some time, and it would be negligent on your part to not have your stolen valuable reported stolen in preparation for further action against the thief.

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    11-21-2013 03:06 AM
  3. Aldrin Paraso's Avatar
    No. I was unable to re-install my antitheft software like Avast Mobile Security ever since I had my phone reset (due to battery replacement by samsung). I was successful in contacting the NTC, though. I was able to send them the required information such as IMEI, Affidavit of Loss, 2 Valid IDs. They have received my email on November 18 and they replied to me, thanking me for submitting the report as soon as I could. He then proceeded to tell me that they are in the process of blocking the phone.

    If ever the phone gets blocked, (Through IMEI?) then will it still be operable? If not, will a "Hard Reset" or "Flashing" of a custom rom do the trick of making it operable again?

    Will it also be possible to TRACK down the stolen phone through its IMEI (hoping it wasn't erased or changed in the process of resetting the device)?

    I have been looking for sources for answers to these questions of mine, but to no avail. I am hoping you can help me in my dilemma.

    Thanks and God Bless @ladyhaly
    11-23-2013 07:06 AM

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