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    Disappointingly, Blocking Mode seems to be only partially effective. For me, Mute is not an option as I need some VIP calls to get through at night. So the fact that the S4 has Blocking Mode was an attractive feature, BUT it doesn't work with:

    1) What's App. This seems top be a WA design problem (crapware!!) as I believe it does not use the standard Notification Service. For me this is one of the problems with Android, designers can largely do what they like rendering, in cases such as this, system functions useless.

    2) Email: This is more surprising given I'm using the standard Samsung app, not some 3rd party botch ware. Have the BM schedule set yet despite this, at 3am, ting ting ting - email. Thanks for that!!!

    It's a annoying that there are glitches like this especially when using stock apps, you'd think that functionality like this would be quite basic really! It looks like I'm stuck with the What's App shortcomings unless the developer fixes it but I'd be interested to hear of what hoops I might need to jump through to get email notifications to work with blocking mode, if it's possible.

    I did have Lightflow installed before but found that certain TW gestures didn't seem to work after I installed it, things that worked fine after I binned it. I also found it a bit confusing in terms of what cocktail of settings you should set and where to get sounds / lights to work (e.g. for email: on the gmail account page, on the phone, on Lightflow)
    11-21-2013 08:18 PM

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