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    Ive had a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4 telling me that Ive run out of Device Storage however after trying lots of other suggestions I think Ive finally found a likely cause and a solution.

    The recent lack of Device Storage has prevented me from updating the phones software, apps, taking photos and receiving e-mail and when I checked on the size of my Apps it claimed that I had (wait for it) 95GB of images impossible surely?!

    I should add that I have a 64GB Micro SD (Class 10) in the phone which was showing only half full and which also contains loads of images, however there's only c.200 photos on the device gallery or so it was showing.

    My solution:

    Remove any separate SD card that you have.

    Back-up all of your photos in the phones Device Gallery

    Open the Files, then All Files and then devices DCIM folder (containing the images on the Device only as youve removed the Micro SD card)

    Open the Thumbnails Folder mine had an astonishing 235,745 files (Two Hundred & Thirty Five Thousand!) and it took 3mins to show them - patience is required.

    Once they are shown use the Menu button to Select All be patient as itll take a while.

    Hit the delete button it took over 4mins for the phone to delete them and it eventually crashed (black screen and wouldnt restart until I took out the battery and replaced it gulp)

    I then switched on Wi-Fi and all of my Apps updated immediately which was a good sign. I was able to update the phones software (375mb) as this was previously too large to be downloaded due to a lack of available storage. The Device storage then showed over 7GB free when previously it only showed about 74MB. The software update may also apparently contain a fix (or a way of transferring files and Apps to the Micro SD card), however without the above actions I wouldnt have been able to even download it. Ive not had any issues with device storage since (yet).

    I suspect that the phone either makes multiple copies of the same thumbnail or is synching with my images on my PC or repeatedly duplicating those from my Micro SD card onto the device itself. Ill leave that to someone more experienced to work out but the above seems to have solved the problem and I've had no issues since.

    Im posting this because hopefully it will work for you too if you're having the same problem.
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    11-24-2013 07:43 PM
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    Thanks. There was one time when I went to the Gallery app and cleared the data. It was occupying 1.1 GB of storage which I needed to update my apps.

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    11-25-2013 05:46 PM

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