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    I just moved to a Galaxy S4 from a HTC Thunderbolt.
    I have about 7 email addresses I track on my phone. I set up multiple mail icons only to find out the the software people at Samsung are stuck in 1985 when everyone only had one email address. No matter how many icons I create, they all link to the same list of multiple email addresses. What I ASSumed I could do (like my HTC) was have an icon for each email address..and name it as such. That way I can see when I have a message in the higher priority addresses and same the lesser important for later. With only one ICON, I am constantly getting email notifications and then I have to go into email to find out if its from a priority address. I talked to Samsung support and they confirmed the software is too stupid to assign individual email icons.Although, they did give G(eewiz)Email its own icon.

    Does the G4 implementation on other carriers have this limitation?

    Does anyone know of an APP that will let me create a dedicated icon for each email address?
    11-25-2013 07:17 AM

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