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    I'm a service technician. Part of my job involves driving my truck, a large commercial box-truck, around the converging area of three states. Another part of my job involves me occasionally talking on my stock, unrooted, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone. Many times, I am doing these two things together. Unfortunately, I was pulled over by a state patrol officer the other day and have come to find out that commercial vehicle operators are NOT allowed to use a cell phone while driving their vehicles. It was instructed to me that using a hands-free device WAS allowed (i.e. Bluetooth, etc...)

    I purchased a Bluetooth headset (the LG Tone+, not that it makes any difference) and would like to know if the following situation is possible:

    [SCENE: Me driving my truck down the road, both hands on the wheel, phone in sleep mode tucked away in my hip pouch, and Bluetooth headset connected to it.]
    ME: "Hi, Galaxy" (Or whatever the preferred "wake-up" command may be at the time)
    SAMSUNG GALAXY S4: "What would you like to do?"
    ME: "Call State Police"
    SAMSUNG GALAXY S4: "Calling your state police station." (Or whatever it would say)
    [The state police answer the phone and I politely tell them that I am calling them from my commercial vehicle using a hands-free device.]

    In all seriousness, I would like to know if the S4 can be awoken from SLEEP MODE or if it is necessary to at least push the power button first to get to the lock screen.
    12-04-2013 09:14 PM
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    Hey... good luck with Smokey!
    Yes this can be done. I do it...
    So in settings make sure to check calls, bluetooth, accesories, and make sure all hands free settings are correctly adjusted for you while driving.
    I looked for the setting regarding bluetooth usage, so it could wake the phone by simply turning on/waking your headset which in turn wakes the phone to follow your voice commands.
    Couldn't find it.... You will. Good luck

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    12-05-2013 01:05 AM
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    With my Blueant Q2 headset I tap the button on the headset and when it responds with, "say a command," I say, "phone commands" and it launches my GS3 inbuilt phone commands (S-Voice, Google Voice, etc). I use Dragon for voice commands. Most headsets have a button combo or button long press that will do the same thing.

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    12-05-2013 01:58 AM
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    Thanks for your help so far, but something is still amiss. Like the 'Fool above, I also needed to press the "call" button on my headset to get the phone to listen to me. No amount of vocal annunciation would get my phone's attention from sleep mode. Another major problem was incoming calls. The announcement of the person calling and the subsequent request for me to "accept" or "ignore" it was output to the phone's speaker and NOT my headset. Again, pressing the "call" button on the headset would answer the call, but this is not the way I was hoping it would work; that announcement should be played on the headset. Text messages were fine. My headset would inform me that I received a message and ask what I wanted to do about it. By responding "read aloud" it would read the text to me and afterwards would ask if I wanted to reply or not. This appears to be working just fine.

    As far as what Hghlndr suggested, the massive amount of menus and sub-menus is far too extensive to just get a general "bluetooth usage" and know exactly where that is. I've taken the time to go down my settings on my phone (sorted into list mode) and omitted any setting that are irrelevant to what I'm attempting to accomplish. And for the record, I am using the latest Samsung OTA update (Android 4.3, Build RUEMJ7, Hardware I545.06)

    ___Wireless and networks___
    Bluetooth > ON

    + Hands-free mode > ON
    ++ Incoming call [X]
    ++ Air call-accept [ ]
    ++ Message [X]
    ++ Alarm [ ]
    ++ Schedule [ ]

    + Call
    ++ Answering/ending calls: Voice Control [X]
    ++ Call accessories: Automatic answering [ ]
    ++ Outgoing call conditions: Make calls even when device is locked.

    + Lock Screen
    ++ Screen lock: Swipe
    ++ Wake up in lock screen: Use wake-up command when swipe unlock is turned on

    + Voice control > ON
    ++ Incoming Calls [X]
    ++ Alarm [ ]
    ++ Camera [ ]
    ++ Music [X]

    And that's really about it. If there's anything I'm overlooking then it's probably buried deep in some obscure menu or it's hiding in plain sight. But in all honesty, the problem could be my headset. Maybe operating the S4 sans headset truly would make it "hands free" and allowed to be awoken from sleep mode with a "Hi Galaxy," but perhaps the headset itself goes into a "sleep mode" until you press that "call" button?

    Not ready to give up yet; keep the ideas/suggestions coming.
    12-05-2013 10:26 PM

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