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    Is there a way to update the default music app, if so how and next question is there a way to update the album cover art in the default music app sent from Sprint Galaxy S4

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    12-05-2013 11:51 AM
  2. Eclipse2K's Avatar
    It would be updated within the Play Store if available. And no to the album art as far as I know. I use the paid version of PlayerPro which has a superior interface and let's me change album art.

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    12-05-2013 11:53 AM
  3. STSVA's Avatar
    There are third party apps available in the Play Store that will download album art. Just do a search for "album art". The stock music player will use the downloaded album art with no problem (or at least that was my experience).
    12-05-2013 12:24 PM

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