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    Hi all!!

    So,ive seen a lot of posts related to the air / smart apps on this forum but nobody seems to have the issue that i do.

    I can appear switch on air view and air control and the little eye icon appears at top of screen.... colour = grey
    however, i CANNOT access any of the submenus in settings (for air / gesture items / voice control) and and none of the air / smart apps seem to be working.
    I did see the eye icon blink a few times last night (grey / white), other than that, nothing!!
    when i look at the current running apps in settings i note that all the gesture service restarts rather a lot.

    also, when tapping on home screen mode in settings, nothing appears to happen.

    does anyone have any ideas? or know where else i can look for potential answers.


    12-07-2013 05:56 AM

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