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    Okay so Ive got a new S4, so im new to android forgive me for my noobness.

    Since I got it its been constantly syncing messages VERY SLOWLY (over the air) and i dont know where its syncing it to or why. its been stuck syncing for hours now and I just want to turn the sync off (note not all sync/data transfers, only this one). It eats up battery like anything and my phone charges so slowly because of it. How do I fix this.

    In the picture is the only place i can see the sync. when i click it on the notifications bar nothign happens.
    Galaxy S4 - Messages syncing problem- please help-screenshot_2013-12-26-09-00-18.jpg
    PS: if it helps i used smartswitch to come from my iphone to the s4.

    EDIT: I think ive found something. When I tried to delete all my messages on the messages app (because it was running very slow) they dissapear for a second but begin to be put back, by some sync probably. so i cant delete my texts. how do i fix this? (Ive cleared the cahce and cleared data)
    12-25-2013 08:10 PM

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