1. 9Nine09's Avatar
    I have samsung GS4 l9500 with Exynos octa core. I just bought this phone last week. And, i heard some news about GS4 battery issues. So, i just want to know, if my device battery work properly. This is my device screenshoot.
    Samsung GS4 l9500 Battery Life-screenshot_2014-01-02-17-56-21.jpg and Samsung GS4 l9500 Battery Life-screenshot_2014-01-02-17-56-33.jpg .
    My phone condition is : mobile network active, power saving off, sreen brigthness 20%, Air gesture active, Smart stay active, Smart scroll active.
    I use android 4.3 last update for this phone.
    I use this phone for playing game (CoC,deemo,cytus) for about 50 minutes. And i use for hearing music for 40 minutes with screen lock. The other thing i do is browsing and open twitter.
    My battery reduced 1% each 2-3 minutes every time i use this phone ( browsing, twitter, or use the other app) .
    The time i need to fully charge my phone is +- 1 hours 20 minutes. I use Battery doctor app.

    So, i just want to know, whether my GS4 battery is work properly or not ?
    And, can someone explain to me, what is the meaning of battery drain issues in GS4 ? I mean, how much battery drain in this issues.
    01-02-2014 08:09 AM
  2. dm3ready's Avatar
    Your usage looks reasonable. I use Snapdragon's Battery Guru with my sgh-i337 (S4 on AT&T) and I am a heavy user - I am thrilled when I can get 9 hours on a full battery. On the weekend, when I am a casual user, I often get 12-14 hours.
    01-02-2014 10:28 AM

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