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    So this is for my dad's AT&T S4 which he uses very rarely but needs it to last for the whole day. Its worked great but in the last week the battery is draining like crazy. I will post screenshots which speak for themselves. Also no apps were ever open or running during this time.

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    01-02-2014 06:43 PM
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    01-02-2014 06:51 PM
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    Google Services gets out of control sometimes. A couple of suggestions - open the Google Settings app and disable Google apps from being able to access the phone's location at any time. I'd also suggest checking Google+ sync settings. Also, is he using Google Now? It's reported to be a battery hog. You might also look into the Snapdragon Battery Guru app, which helps control app syncing behavior. Finally, does he need to have wifi on 24/7, as indicated by your screenshots?
    01-03-2014 09:29 AM

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