1. SNK Jason's Avatar
    when I first got my s4, the home button felt great and it was really pressable, after 2 months of usage , now it feels hard and if I don't press it for a long time. It makes a weird cracky noise, is it worn out and broken ?
    01-03-2014 01:52 PM
  2. STSVA's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry about this kind of stuff unless the functions controlled by the button stop working. It's an electro-mechanical switch, so it can develop mechanical problems, but that's not particularly important if it keeps working as a switch.
    01-03-2014 02:02 PM
  3. Stubbo's Avatar
    Mines doing the same, as its under warranty i'm going to send it in when I get the chance

    Regardless of if the switch still works or not, obviously something is developing a fault

    Apparently when they developed the S3 they tested the button for 200000 presses, so my S4 is way below that!
    01-04-2014 07:33 AM

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