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    I recently got the galaxy s4 and I am having problems with the storage of the pictures in my gallery. I want ALL of my pictures to save on my SD card, this was possible with other android phones where there was no such thing as external memory, in fact the phones camera wouldnt even function without an SD. I was able to change the settings on the camera to where pictures I take with the camera will save on my SD card, the problem comes when I take a screenshot, or save a picture from an APP such as facebook messenger or ifunny. Thesse automatically create a new album by the name of the app and save on the external memory. I know you can move pictures afterwards and move them to external memory.... but I want a way in which I can set the default location as mt SD and they will automatically save there withough me having to manually move them. Thank-you!!

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    01-07-2014 05:48 PM

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