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    I have now got my second Galaxy S4 from Rogers after the first one was deemed defective (it kept dropping the carrier and lost LTE connection). What did work was my Microsoft Active Sync which linked to my hospital's Exchange Server. They updated security in December. Though this older phone (which has yet to be returned) continues to access the Exchange server, no matter what I do, I cannot set this up on the replacement phone, though everything else is working. I know all the settings but the hospital des not support Android (only BB and iPhone/iPad) and will not help (it uses a process involving MobileIron). The phone refuses to connect to the Exchange server.
    Presumably this has to do with some credential that I do not have on my new phone that is present on the older one and ideally, I would like to export it if possible prior to returning it.
    Unfortunately, I cannot even find the certificate store let alone export from it (I can see the long listing of trusted certificates and have tried to compare but they appear the same on both phones).
    Any suggestions?
    01-16-2014 11:15 AM

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