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    Hey everyone was just wondering about rooting my S4 but wanted to know a few things first.

    1. Main Pro's and Con's of rooting (I heard when rooting you can store all downloaded files on the micro sd since the downloaded files currently only partly store on the micro sd but not fully which is the main reason I'm thinking to root)

    2. Will it slow down the S4?

    3. Any way to get back to factory default after rooting?

    4. Warrenty issues? Currently no insurance on the phone

    5. Any other info I should know which is important? Will it cause me any big problems?

    Current Android Version: 4.3
    Model - GT-I9505
    Network -T-Mobile
    01-24-2014 11:22 AM
  2. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    1. By rooting you are enabling root permissions which is similar to administrator access in Windows. You can remove unwanted bloatware, use root only apps, improve battery life and UI, flash custom ROMs, etc. The main cons associated with rooting are voiding your warranty and potentially bricking a phone (e.g. flashing the incorrect ROM).

    Links2SD on play store allows apps to be moved to SD card.

    2. No, rooting will not slow down the S4. You can actually improve overall speed by removing bloatware and changing CPU settings.

    3. Yes, you can get back to pre-root status. This is accomplished by flashing the stock firmware (original Samsung software).

    4. Rooting will always void the warranty. You'll have to flash the stock firmware using Odin in order to un-root if you need to use the warranty.

    I've never had any major issues with any rooted devices. I would only suggest rooting if you are fine with voiding the warranty and the slim yet real possibility of bricking your phone.

    Check out xda developers for more info on rooting the T-Mobile S4.
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    01-24-2014 12:32 PM

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