1. Alexander Puhl's Avatar
    Hi there, I've had my Galaxy S4 with the Sprint network since early November 2013. I'm having some serious issues with S voice when navigating to work. I'll open up S voice and say "Navigate to work" and at first, it kept navigating to a place I went for a job interview back in November, just a simple search back then, I never said it was a work location. Lately though, it keeps navigating to a work location I temporarily worked at in December. Same thing, never said it was a work location, I did put a star on this second location, but that star is gone now. This still continues to happen even though I have the correct work address listed under settings in Google maps. I've even gone under the main phone settings > More > Location services > My Places > Office: and made sure the current work address is correct. S voice settings itself doesn't actually have a work address option to specify, just a home address. I don't understand why S voice is so fixated on these random locations I have searched for and gone to in the past. I've tried clearing the data under S voice, Google maps, it was after I did this that S voice moved onto the December work location. Again this December work location had a star, but was never listed as work in settings. I'm getting very close to doing a factory restore on my phone, or shutting S voice down for good. I've already given up on using S voice for just about every other function, especially when I saw how much faster/better Siri was on my friends Iphone. I'll never get an Iphone though, this is a Samsung issue. The navigate to work feature tends to be quicker than me when it gets the right address which is why I would like it to work. Anybody else have any experience with this issue?
    01-25-2014 09:30 PM
  2. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    Hate to say it, but you might want to try out Google Now. I don't like Google having that much information about me, but so far it hasn't resulted in a lot of intrusive advertising. Of course, I work from home, so I can't testify to what would happen if I said "Navigate to work." But on the whole I've found its navigation pretty reliable, once it got used to where I was most of the time.

    OTOH.... I just opened Google Now, and it is letting me know that it's 6 minutes from where I am to a location that couldn't be less than 15 minutes away, and which I've never visited or searched for. I take it all back.
    01-26-2014 05:05 PM

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