1. trd 4rnr's Avatar
    The first app I install on my phone is usually a Volume Control App - I hate getting woken up in the middle of the night by someone who thinks it ok to text me at 2am. I think I've tried just about all of them and just recently ran across Volume Ace. I'm not sure how long it's been around (maybe I just missed it) and I am no way connected to this app or its developer - I just want to share it with those of you that use such an app. There is a free version and a $0.99 in the Play Store.

    Volume Control App with Scheduling, Lockout and Override-ace1.jpg Volume Control App with Scheduling, Lockout and Override-ace2.jpg

    There is a bit of set up involved and the app has a few quirks but once you get it set up it works really well.
    It has a couple of widgets and you can create homescreen shortcuts to often used "profiles". Additionally, (in the paid version) you get the ability to tell the app how you want if to act when a headphone is plugged in. I use that in my car to play Pandora and it jumps the volume to 15 and does not display the stupid volume warning message.

    Volume Control App with Scheduling, Lockout and Override-ace3.jpg Volume Control App with Scheduling, Lockout and Override-ace4.jpg

    I wish the app had a quick way to "suspend" the schedule. i.e. you go into a movie at 4pm and put the phone of "Silent" - at 5pm your scheduler changes the phone to "Loud" and then you get a call at 5:15
    01-29-2014 11:26 AM
  2. RockoB8's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. I have tried Volume Ace in the past, but it just felt very limiting to me. I later found out about Smart Volume Control + which worked perfectly for me. I recommend it to everyone looking for volume control apps. Check it out here: Smart Volume Control
    05-16-2014 06:52 PM
  3. trd 4rnr's Avatar
    Back in January I posted this review of Volume Ace.
    Today I got notified that the wish I had (at the end of my review) for the app had been developed.
    A timer is now a reality - making the app even better !!
    Thanks !
    07-18-2014 06:14 PM

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