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    hello i tryed to root the phone using odin 3.07 and i did what the website told me to i put the phone into download mode started odin, odin found the device, clicked PDA after i clicked start and it said pass, phone rebooted and i shut it down held volume+ home screen and lock screen and clicked the first option which was to move the CyanogenMod file which was in the SD catagory. After i clicked reboot and it restarted and froze or stopped at the T-mobile 4G sign and the blue LED was on. i have tryed restarting the phone taking out battery, factory reseting through volume+ home screen and lock screen and option but still nothing. Just frozen at this point i dont mind making the phone to change back to factory setting with no root. the problem is that i dont know how to do that. i read online that people said that you could download the factory tar file and go into odin and do the process but dont know if thats what i should do plus i cant find a link or place to download that. the phone is a T-mobile samsung galaxy s4 was on andoid 4.3 before froze and model 919 and mk2. if this is the problem i was wondering if i could still go to t-mobile and ask them to fix it or replace it in worse case scenario but i am not sure if the phone is fully rooted and if they diagnose it, will it pop up as rooted. please help!!!!
    02-04-2014 01:30 AM

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