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    I must say that for the past 20 years or so, I have never regretted any phone purchase. Some were better than others, but I kept my expectations realistic. The S4 however, has been a major disappointment. Here are four apps that fail on my phone:

    1. Google Radio (paid subscription) no sound or very sporadic sound. FAIL

    2. Standard Android Email. Not GMAIL but real email. My email is hosted by GoDaddy, Pop 3. Four devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and phone access that account so I can read/edit/review emails anywhere. All are set to leave emails on server. This phone insists on recalling emails I trash on phone and displaying as new on home screen notification icon. So I am always showing 18-25 "new" emails.

    3. Car Blue tooth speaker: Motorola Roadster II. If I receive a call, works great. If I try to initiate a call, I get a message saying I am not paired.

    4. Gemego Texas Hold 'em Poker (Paid). Can't load score from my old phone.

    There is more, but this is enough. I have been on the phone for days with multiple Tier 2 VZW techs (who all gave up and finally transferred me to a Samsung rep who ALSO gave up,) GoDaddy and Motorola support, and all of them failed but GoDaddy's suggesting I install K9 for email. That does work. Moto began to suggest a 3rd party app for that problem but I stopped him. What is wrong with this piece of crap phone? I never had these problems with any of my other devices. Oh, forgot to add that Gemego emailed me to tell me that other S4 owners have had the same complaint. I went from having millions of $ to having a few thousand. And of course, getting any support from Google is like calling the White House to complain about your sewer being backed up.
    02-21-2014 09:51 PM

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