1. aszahran's Avatar
    I got a new S4 2 weeks ago.
    However the device is much slower than I expected.
    I am switching from S3 mini, and I can notice the performance is nearly the same!

    For example: the game "Despicable me: minion rush" always lags on the opening move, and frequently during the game.
    I have lags in other games and some times normal apps like browser.

    How to identify if its faulty before going to the support center?
    I can not complain about a mobile because some games are slow

    My phone is a GT-I9500
    I tried to run AnTuTu Benchmark and I got 23304 (a worrying below average score).
    I still have relatively few apps installed (around 20), most are trusted apps.
    02-27-2014 01:17 PM
  2. Saukrateaz's Avatar
    Reset the device. see if it helps. If not, youve only had it 2 weeks, when in doubt return it/exchange it.
    02-27-2014 01:27 PM
  3. jpullins's Avatar
    Yeah just do a factory reset

    Posted via Android Central App
    03-02-2014 02:48 PM

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