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    Hey guys,

    I am seriously confused with this issue because so far I haven't seen both combined.

    Woke up this morning to find my phone, despite indicating it was charging, was even lower in battery (thus obviously it wasn't charging at all). I thought it might be the wall charger because the light on it wasn't on. After plugging it into my laptop via USB I realised it was not the wall charger, so maybe it was the USB cable. I had an extra battery, but I wasn't sure how charged it was, but seeing as I was at 5% I decided I was probably better off trying to swap it, and maybe it was a battery issue. Turns out this wasn't it either because the new battery isn't charging either. I also asked to borrow someone else's charging cable and that wasn't working, so that really only leaves the charging port on the phone.

    Now, before I inserted the new battery, I shutdown the phone. When I did this I got a 'downloading... do not turn off target' message with the little green man. Found out online what to do about it, but the whole volume+home+power just turned the screen black until I let go and then the little dude was back again. Finally gave up and just replaced the battery because the other one was at 5% and wasn't going to last anyway. New battery came up with the same message, but when I tried the volume+home+power thing, it worked. So now I have a 'working' phone, and hopefully my second battery is charging in the external charger, and I will keep swapping so long as it keeps working, but can someone please tell me what's going on and how to fix this? I thought maybe it was because I hadn't updated Kies in a while. But now if I can't get a USB connection to the phone how do I update it?? Or maybe this really isn't an issue at all.

    Can someone please help me with this issue? I'm am by no means a computer/phone wizard but I also don't want to spend $100 on trying to get it fixed (which apparently sometimes only makes it worse...)

    Sorry for the long text. PLEASE HELP!!
    02-28-2014 06:57 AM

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