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    I paired my Bose Bluetooth headset with my S4 and when I first tried to use it, it asked me what service I wanted to use for the voice commands. The only way I knew this was by actually looking at the screen.
    In the past, all I ever did was pair the Bluetooth and hit the button to make a call and a voice would ask me what I wanted to do.
    I had three choices for voice command. One was Google search, S Voice, and Nuance voice commands. I didn't know which one to pick so I started with Nuance and got a message saying it wasn't a system app and was an illegal installation. Before I go on, I have no idea what this app is or how it got on my phone or why it's saying it's an illegal installation. I don't even see it listed under my apps so I have no idea how to get rid of it.
    So when that app didn't work, I tried S voice. It seems to work as long as I use my eyes to read what it has to say. I was able to tell it to do something and it seemed to do it but it never asked me what I wanted to do first and it was really hard to understand the person talking.
    I then tried Google search but all that seems to let me do is place a phone call. I'd like to be able to tell the phone to send a text or do something else using my Bluetooth device but my options don't seem to work the way I'd like them to work.
    Is there some other app I should be using?
    I'm really confused about all this.
    03-03-2014 01:21 PM
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    I have the plantronic legend voyager it comes with voice command so I can actually hit my button on the headset and command it from there (not sure if your headset has that option)
    As for the choices on our phone If you use the Google search option, you should be able to make calls, texts, play music, navigate maps, and whatever else you might need it to do. Not sure what that Nuance is either I've never heard of it. I never use S Voice cause I hate the voice it uses. But my favorite is a 3rd party app called speaktoit you can find it in the play store. She is a virtual assistant that will make calls read and reply back to text, and you even set her up to turn on whenever you her my assistant she will activate, and be ready to perform.

    (BTW) Google search is integrated with Google now so if you hit the search box it takes you to the Google Now app from there all you have to say is "OK Google" and proceed with whatever command you want without having to touch or look at the screen.
    03-03-2014 03:43 PM
  3. sheryltoo's Avatar
    Thanks for that information. After you told me your headset came with a voice command, I did a google search on Nuance and I believe it's the voice command that came with my headset. I found it in the playstore except it's called Dragon Nuance. I installed it but not really sure I like it. I use to use this headset on a Motorola cell phone and when ever I hit the call button, someone would ask me what I wanted to do. It doesn't seem to work the same way on the Samsung phone, It doesn't ask me anything but when I told it to do something, it did it. I tried sending a text and the text comes through with a link to Dragon nuance.
    Maybe I'll try this for awhile and see if I like it. I don't really have much need for a headset except if someone happens to call me while I'm driving.
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    03-03-2014 04:43 PM

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