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    Hi Guys,
    I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500, running Android JB 4.2.2.
    I've been having hard times trying to understand a specific detail in the Android Battery Built-In Monitoring Tool, accessible by navigating to Settings-->More-->Battery.
    I don't understand the meaning of the blue bars associated with each app.
    To make things simpler I've attached a screenshot, and as can be seen each app has an associated blue bar.
    The apps TuneIn Radio and Google Search each consumed 5% of the battery power, however they differ in the length of the blue bars where TuneIn Radio has a longer bar than Google Search.
    Just to add another thing not shown in the screenshot, the Screen consumed 26% of the battery power and its associated blue bar is full.
    So does anyone know what's behind those blue bars ??

    Any Reply is Appreciated
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy S4: Android Battery Built-In Monitoring Tool Question-batteryusage.jpg  
    03-07-2014 09:26 AM
  2. sasha's Avatar
    It's basically just showing what percentage of battery each app is using, even though TunIn radio and google search are both at 5%, streaming the music took a little more power than the google search, which is why they're is a very small difference in the bar length. Your screen is using most of the battery power because your using that every time you wake up the phone. Right now my screen has used 48% of my battery and my bar is full also.
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    03-07-2014 01:59 PM

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