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    Hi all,

    I use S-Planner on my S4 as my calendar software and I'm very pleased with it. Generally, I use Outlook 2013 on my PC to input the calendar and if I require to modify/add/delete when away, I will use S-Planner.

    My job/industry means that I work in UTC all year round to avoid any confusion when dipping in and out of different time zones. On Outlook, I am able to input an appointment in any time-zone including 'UTC Coordinated Universal Time'. This is perfect as UTC will never ever change with daylight saving time etc. and is a constant no matter where I am in the world. As I look at my calendar when away, the phone (which is set to auto/network time zone) sees an appointment set for a UTC time and will make the necessary local correction.

    However, I don't appear to have the option in S-Planner when creating new appointments - the option for GMT+0:00 will be shifted based on daylight saving time etc. Digging deeper, this appears not to be an S-Planner issue, but more that the S4 doesn't actually have an allowance for the concept of a UTC time zone.

    Of course, I could just input every appointment with the correct start/end time but I can't then select a different time zone in S-Planner for the start time and a different one for the end time (as many of my appointments will do). Any ideas/suggestions?

    Best Regards,
    03-18-2014 01:08 PM

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