1. RichardHewlett's Avatar
    Hi, sorry for the q if it'd dumb, i'm new to android....

    Is this normal for the "Android System" and "Android OS" to be eating so much battery? I can't remember doing this prior to the Kitkat update.
    Battery: is this normal?-screenshot_2014-03-19-17-59-20.jpg
    Battery: is this normal?-screenshot_2014-03-19-17-59-59.jpg
    03-19-2014 05:25 PM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    Whats the screen on time? It would be a great pic to add. Just tap the screen 34% to get the pic.
    03-19-2014 05:42 PM
  3. RichardHewlett's Avatar
    Battery: is this normal?-screenshot_2014-03-19-18-45-44.jpg

    I've charged it a bit since...
    03-19-2014 05:48 PM
  4. zedorda's Avatar
    No I don't think it is normal.
    03-19-2014 09:45 PM
  5. RichardHewlett's Avatar
    I'm letting it go all night, 10 hrs without doing anything after being fully charged... What % should it be in the am when i wake up. I left Wifi on...turned off GPS
    03-19-2014 09:48 PM
  6. zedorda's Avatar
    At your current rate you should see at least 40h with 4h of screen on time. With less screen time you could see 50h+.

    That is above avg.
    03-20-2014 09:23 AM

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