1. Paysandude's Avatar
    The email icon on the home screen notifies 1 email less that there is actually in the inbox. If there is 1 it shows none and if 2 it shows 1. Not hugely important I know but annoying none the less. Have installed an anti virus just in case but no changes so far.
    04-06-2014 06:30 AM
  2. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    Has it always done this, or did it start just recently? In the latter case, you might try just restarting the phone. If that doesn't help, try clearing the e-mail app's cache: From the Home screen, do Menu > Settings > More > Application manager. Scroll the list to the left till you see the All column, scroll down to the e-mail app, tap it, and then tap Clear cache. That could release something problematic that's gotten "stuck." There's also a Clear data button, BUT that might undo a lot of settings; I'm not sure whether it would actually delete e-mails.
    04-07-2014 11:37 AM

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