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    I just got a Galaxy S4 in March and already am not really loving this phone The main issue right now is the unsynchronized dash clock on the lockscreen. I've read alot about this and mine is the wrong time almost every single time I use my phone. I've taken several pictures of it as proof, and it isn't just " a few seconds delay" as many here have stated - mine is wrong until I turn off then turn back on the screen. Very annoying! I wanted to use a 3rd party app for the dash clock but I have my work email on the phone and therefore use a pin to unlock the screen. Is there ANY workaround for this issue? I even tried just removing/deleting the standard dash clock in the phone settings and occasionally it disappears but then most other times it still shows up (incorrectly lol). Is there any other way to load my email on the phone to access it easily without having the PIN feature that seems to preclude another dash clock widget??? Please help, I have already read several threads but hoping I've missed a possible solution to this frustrating issue. Thank you in advance for any options or advice. If I don't find a fix I will be returning to the store to exchange this phone as I find it unacceptable that something as basic as the CLOCK is incorrect 90% of the time...
    04-08-2014 04:21 PM

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