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    I got my 12 year old son a Samsung Galaxy S4. He is a good kid and has been making straight A's up until last semester. I need to have the power of swapping his phone out with something very basic. I would take his phone away but that would defeat the purpose of why I got him the phone. The phone lets me keep in contact with him and allows him to call for help if needed. So, taking the phone away is not an option. I would like to purchase a basic flip phone that would allow me to swap the sim from his S4 to the flip phone when his grades go down. When his grades go up I can just swap the sim again and he has his S4 back. What flip phones or basic phones will take the 4G sim from his S4. We are on the Verizon network which is 4G LTE.

    04-14-2014 07:54 PM
  2. bluedragon1971's Avatar
    As far as I know, none of the Verizon basic phones support 4g. They do not have a SIM card slot. The 4g is used for data only. To change phones you would have to call Verizon, or I think it can be done online.

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    04-15-2014 11:26 AM

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