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    Please sign this petition


    Thank you for all the support,

    I am sorry in advance for begging or bugging in this post but I don't think that these companies should be allowed to get away with this .

    Below is what I have in the petition, Thank you again.

    There are many cases where Galaxy S4 phones Screens crack on their own and Verizon / Samsung will not replace them under the 1 year manufactures warranty. They will not recognize that this is a defect on their Gorilla Glass 2 on the Samsung Galaxy S4 4, I am trying to get as many people possible to sign this so Verizon Recognizes this as a problem for their phones and will warranty the defect in their screens. I personally have been a Verizon wireless customer for 10 + years and have 5 active lines on their network and yet they refused to replace this under the warranty, they kept telling to use the insurance.

    All you need to do is a Google search "galaxy s4 screen cracking problems" and you will find many people posting their stories about their screens cracking on their own, people posting videos and even Android forums on this. This isn't just an isolated event like the Verizon rep tried to tell me, they even went as far as saying that they contacted Samsung on this while I was on hold and Samsung denied that this was a known issue. They need to recognize that it isn't okay to have to pay for an insurance claim on a defective product.
    04-15-2014 09:18 AM
  2. mrsmumbles's Avatar
    Seems to me glass doesn't break on its own. There has to be some sort of impact.

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    04-15-2014 10:23 AM
  3. kanostic's Avatar
    I know that this sounds very implausible, but there was no impact on my wifes phone, we were on the couch watching TV and she simply clicked the home button as she always does and the screen cracked. Very confusing and shocked to see it happen, my wife is a petite lady so there is no way she could apply the force to crack Gorilla Glass.

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    04-15-2014 11:27 AM
  4. mrsmumbles's Avatar
    Okay. But I've seen a few threads over the past several months about the same complaint with various different phones. I never knew power buttons were so dangerous to gorilla glass.

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    04-15-2014 04:19 PM

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