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    Environment: I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S4 for Verizon (VRUAME7) using ES File Explorer to Windows 7.

    Desired Functionality: I would like to transfer pictures from the phone to the laptop over local WiFi using ES File Explorer's "Send By LAN" feature from the Gallery app.

    Problem: Choosing "Send by LAN" shortcut created by ES File Explorer results in "scanning" but not finding a target.

    Actions Taken:
    -- Created "server" connection to Windows 7 laptop using IP address and shared subfolder.
    -- Verified connection works, and I can list Windows shared folder contents and R/W files.
    -- From Gallery app click Share icon, choose "Send by LAN". Popup "scanning" appears and does NOT find any targets. In Android's "WiFi" screen I can verify I have a functioning WiFi connection to my local network.

    I've seen other posts on other forums but no answers. It does not appear that EStrong's offer direct support (that I have found). Any help?
    Thanks in advance
    04-19-2014 12:45 AM

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