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    New to the forums, I apologize in advance if I do anything incorrectly. I've looked around for weeks for any answers to similar problems and I haven't found anything. My problems started a few weeks ago when I tried to put a new music album on my sd card, sandisk 64gb, for the first time in a while. It all showed up in the music player like it always has, and played perfectly at first. After about 3 minutes, the current song stopped and it just went through every song on the album, playing each one for 1 second and then going to the next. I changed the shuffle setting and tried exiting the app and ending the process, and when I went back into it and tried to play them it said the player doesn't support this file type. So I checked all the file types and they were all mp3s, like every other song that plays fine. So I restarted my phone and when I booted back up the music app the album was gone. A similar thing also happened a few days later when I took a picture, and about 10 minutes later it wouldn't show up. In my search for an answer to this problem the most commonly answer I found to any problem that was similar was to format the sd card, but I avoided this at first to try to avoid losing data. I tried a lot of things to attempt to figure out what was wrong, and to fix it including using different music players and adding different music to check if the songs were corrupted, but ultimately resorted to formatting it after copying all the data to my desktop. So I formatted the card and before I tried to copy the data back on, I tried adding just the new music, which still wouldn't play. Then I figured I'd restart my phone just to be safe, and somehow all the data that was on the sd card before showed back up. Thanks for any answers anyone has.
    04-24-2014 10:56 PM

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